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Is your kitchen plagued by a malfunctioning chimney, leaving you with a smoky and uncomfortable cooking environment? Look no further! At Repairo, based in Gurgaon, Haryana, we specialize in professional chimney repair services that restore proper ventilation and efficiency to your kitchen.

Our expert technicians are trained to diagnose and address a wide range of chimney issues, ensuring that your kitchen stays clean and comfortable while you cook. Whether it’s a faulty fan, motor problems, or simply a need for thorough cleaning and maintenance, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done right.

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Welcome to Repairo Chimney Repair Services - Your trusted partner for reliable chimney repairs and efficient kitchen ventilation.

At Repairo, we recognize the significance of a properly functioning chimney in maintaining a comfortable and safe kitchen environment. Our specialized chimney repair services are tailored to guarantee optimal ventilation, eliminating smoke and odors efficiently. Join our satisfied clientele who have experienced the Repairo advantage. Bid farewell to kitchen discomfort and welcome seamless chimney operation.

Opting for Repairo signifies selecting professionalism, expertise, and a dedication to surpassing your expectations. Enjoy the convenience of a fully operational chimney, ensuring your cooking space remains clean and comfortable.

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Great experience, very knowledgeable and experienced person, done a great job.



Technician was extremely well behaved and professionally did his work. I would recommend Repairo to everyone.



Thank you Repairo for providing the best in class service. Fully Satisfied



Really quick and accurate service done. Doesn’t require rework once service is done.



Very good service, technician co-ordinated well before to understand the problem to come equipped.

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Why Choose Repairo?

  • Skilled Technicians: Our team consists of highly skilled and certified technicians who have extensive experience in handling various washing machine models and brands. Trust us for accurate diagnoses and effective solutions.
  • Quality Service: We prioritize quality in all our services. From using genuine parts to employing industry best practices, we ensure that our repairs meet the highest standards of excellence.
  • Timely Response: We understand the inconvenience of a malfunctioning washing machine. Our commitment is to provide prompt service, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction matters to us. We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers by offering personalized service and exceeding expectations.

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Our Services

With Repairo, rest assured your chimney is in capable hands. Enjoy efficient ventilation, a clean kitchen, and hassle-free cooking.

Chimney Cleaning

Thorough removal of creosote and debris to ensure safe airflow and prevent blockages, improving chimney efficiency.

Chimney Inspection

Comprehensive examination to detect structural issues and ensure safe operation, preventing potential hazards.

Chimney Cap Installation/Repair

Fitting or fixing chimney caps to shield from debris, animals, and weather while allowing ventilation.

Chimney Flue Repair

Fixing or replacing damaged flue liners for safe ventilation, preventing carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires.

Chimney Crown Repair

Restoration of chimney crowns to prevent water damage, cracks, and deterioration, ensuring long-term functionality.

Chimney Masonry Repair

Mending cracked or damaged masonry to maintain structural integrity, preventing water infiltration and further deterioration.

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Don’t let chimney issues disrupt your cooking experience. Contact Repairo today for expert chimney repair services. Let us ensure that your chimney operates flawlessly, keeping your kitchen environment clean and comfortable.

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frequently asked questions

Signs indicating the need for chimney repair include smoke backing up into the home, visible cracks or damage, water leaks, and a strong odor of burnt wood.

It’s recommended to have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year, preferably before the start of the heating season.

Our chimney repair services include chimney cleaning, inspection, cap installation, flue repair, crown repair, and masonry repair.

The duration of chimney repair depends on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Minor repairs may take a few hours, while more extensive repairs could take several days.

Factors influencing the cost of chimney repair include the extent of damage, the type of repair needed, accessibility, and materials required. We provide transparent pricing based on a detailed assessment of your chimney’s condition.

Whether chimney repair is covered by insurance depends on your policy and the cause of the damage. We can provide documentation and work with your insurance company to facilitate the claims process whenever possible.

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